Online 3 Wheel Roulette

Roulette2000provides some informations about this strange variations of online roulette game. Practically, it's almost like an European roulette, but there are 3 rings of number on the roulette wheel, not just 1.

In the centre of the roulette htere is still only 1 ring with the sockets that the ball can fall into. After all the bet are placed, and the roulette stopsspinning, the 3 circles are perfectly aligned, so every spin gives 3 results.
And every one of these three results can pay out.

3 Wheel online roulette

In the image, you can see what the outcome of an online 3-wheel roulette game could look like.

Obviously, a number could come up on more than one ring (so that the winning numbers could be: 21 red, 21 red, 13 black). The bets are placed as usual on the roulette table layout, but the more results that hit your bet, the more you'll win.
Every bet that you place on the online roulette table are tripled. This means that if you bet 3$ on "black", your total wager will be 9$ (as you're practically betting 3$ on the first, the second and the thrid online roulette wheel).
It's not possible to bet only on one of the three online roulette wheels, nor is possible to bet more on one ring and less in the others: when you place your online roulette bet, the same amount is placed on each of the rings.

Usually, the sites which offers the 3-wheels online roulette have a new set of bets, called "bonus bets". This bets cannot be wagered individually, you have to place your roulette bets on the bonus bet, which cover all the outcomes below:

3 Wheel online roulette
Bonus Bets Description Payout
Colour Up All 3 result of the same color Push
Pair 2 identical numbers (13, 13, 27) 5 to 1
Straight 3 numbers in a row (20, 21, 22) 25 to 1
Pair Zeros 2 zeros 50 to 1
Triplet same number on the 3 wheels (16, 16, 16) 100 to 1
Triplet Zeros Outcome is 0 on all the 3 wheels 1000 to 1

3 Wheel Roulettes do not exist in the real casinos, because building such a roulette wheel would be very difficult, so you can play 3 wheel roulette only online.
However, Roulette2000 advise you against playing 3 wheel online roulette; the payouts (especially for triplet) seem good, but the result's are unlikely to come up.
Initially you could think it's fun playing 3 wheel roulette, but you won't find it so fun, when you consider that every bet you place is tripled, and the casino edge is still there. Better keep playing online roulette (preferring French roulette over American roulette), and practice on free roulette sites.