Oscar's Grind roulette betting system

Oscar's Grind betting system appeared for the first time in the book The Casino Gambler's Guide (1965) by Allan N. Wilson, who met Oscar and was introduced to this gambling system.

Oscar's Grind roulette system
Roulette Bet Outcome Acumulated Loss/Win
1$ lose -1$
1$ lose -2$
1$ lose -3$
1$ lose -4$
1$ win -3$
2$ win -1$
2$ lose -5$
2$ win -3$
3$ win 0
1$ win +1$
You have won 1 unit, the serie is closed

Like the other rolette systems, Oscar's Grind aim to give you a profit (if you're lucky, if you're not, there's no beting system that can help... online roulette is a game of luck), in the short run. Obviously,in the long run, no betting system can overcome the casino edge, and the Oscar's Grind is no exception. That's why Roulette2000 advices you to decide before-hand your wining point and loss-limit, and stick to them; and above all, have fun while playing: online roulette is not a means to become rich, but a game.

This is the Oscar's Grind betting system in a nutshell: bet 1 unit on an even-money bet. If you win, you restart the system
If you lose, the next bet should be of the same size of the one you just lost. If you now win, your next roulette bet should be 1 unti larger compared to the previous bet.
Practically, when you win, you increase the size of the bet by 1 unit, until you gain a profit of 1 unit or more (then the sequence is completed). Check the table to the left for an example of Oscar's Grind roulette betting system.

This is one of the most conservative betting systems so far (compared to the Martingale system), but still it won't let you win at roulette in the long run; however, it can be a good roulette system to try and win in the short run. Remember, however, to set the maximum limit of how much you are ready to lose on a single spin.

If you feel you like it, jsut try t on free online roulette site, so you can evaluate its validity before betting real money.