Online Roulette Rules & Bets

Racetrack for Online Roulette Game

You may have noticed, while playing online, that near (usually, above) the usual roulette table layout there are the roulette numbers arranged in a racetrack-like order.
Online Roulette Racetrack can be confusing at first, but it actually greatly helps the players in quickly and easily placing call bets.

Bets that can be placed on the roulette racetrack

On an online roulette racetrack, you can place at least 4 (out of the 5 most common) call bets:
Voisins du Zero(or Serie 0/2/3)
Tiers du Cylindre (or Serie 5/8)

The Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylindre and Orphelins call bets (also called "fixed call bets") are to be placed inside the roulette racetrack, as they cover fixed sections of the roulette wheel.
The Neighbours call bet varies depending on the starting number you bet on in the online roulette racetrack. So, in order to place a Neighours call bet, you just put your chips on one of the number on the outside part do the roulette racetrack.
There is another kind of non-fixed call bet, the Final bet (or Finale), which usually do not appear on mosto of the online roulette racetracks, as it cannot be smoothly incorporated in teh racetrack design (however, some online roulette websites let you place the final bet in a specific place inside the roulette racetrack, which then let you choose your final bet).

Roulette Racetrack betting

To place a call bet using the racetrack, just place your chips on the desired section of the online roulette racetrack. Your chips will be automatically placed on hte roulette table layout to cover your bet.
Be aware that the chips you place in the racetrack are the unit that will be used for each individal bet, to cover all the numbers.
So, if you bet 3$ on Voisins du Zero, a call bet which cover 17 numbers and requires 9 betting units, you'll actually bet 45$ (5$ x 9).

The design of online roulette racetrack can vary depending on the website, but basically it's the same everywhere, so once you get used to a ractrack layout, you'll be able to use it on every online roulette website.
Roulette2000 suggest you to try first the online roulette racetrack on free roulette websites, before betting your money, to get used to it, so that you don't misplace your bets.