Online roulette and land-based casinos

When one thinks of "roulette" the image of a casino, crowded with people suited in elegant dresses, comes to mind.
Even now, lot of people don't trust online roulette game, and prefer going in a land based casino to wager his/her money. Obviously, playing roulette in a casino is an experience a gambler has to make at least once, to enjoy the excitement and the thrill of the roulette spinning, while waiting for the ball to stop on your number, while the people around you cheer.
However, playing online roulette (especially in websites which offer free online roulette experience), is in no way inferior to the experience of a real casino; in fact, online casinos have many advantages which can attract most gamblers, especially roulette game fans.

First of all, hen playing online roulette you don't have to spend money to reach the casino: it's just a few clicks away; nor you have to spend for food and lodging: you can play free online roulette just by sitting in front of a computer. This bring another advantage: you're in an enviroment you're comfortable with, so you experience less stress compared to playing in a lan based casino.

In real casinos there are, moreover, a series of restrictions: you have to dress up smart, you can't eat or drink at the tables etc., all restrictions which do not apply when playing online roulette game.
But maybe the most important advantage online roulette players have is that they can play for a brief time and then quit with ease - which is not the case when reaching a far away land based casino, which is once-in-a-while experience, so you want to stay there the longest possible. This represent a huge advantage for the online roulette players: it's a known fact that in the long run the house always wins, so you have to play for a short time, determine your bankroll beforehand (and stick to it!), and quit when you're winning.
The last advantage online roulette players have, is represented by the bonuses or promotions which online casinos usually give the gamblers which visit them. However, Roulette2000 suggests you don't just start playing: you should first learn all of online roulette rules, and then pile up some experience by playing free roulette.