The Cuban betting system

In the 1950s, before the Revolution of Fidel Castro, gmablers from around the world all used to go to Cuba to play roulette. Today the legacy of this gaming past is visible in the Cuban roulette betting system.

This winning roulette system it's a low risk one, as, unlike other betting systems such as the Martingale, the gambler doesn't have to double or increase the betting amount after a win or a loss.
How does this roulette system work? You place two bets: 1 unit on the third column, and 1 unit on "black". Why these bets?
Because in the third column there are only 4 black numbers, and 8 red numbers. So, if playing online roulette, one of the red numbers comes up, you will winn 1 unit.
If, however, a number of the first or second column comes up, there'll be a higher chance that it's a black number (that's why you put a roulette bet on the blac, as a safe-net), so you should break even if one of these number shows up.

If a red number of the first or second column will come up, though, you'll lose both the bets. But if a black number of the third column shows up, you'll win 2 bets.
The Cuban roulette betting system is godd for beginners who play online roulette for the first times, because it's a low risk system, which doesn't require the player to track every bet. And there is no need of varying one's bet depending on the result. By just repeating the same bet on the third column and on black, you will cover 26 out of 37 numbers (of a French roulette).
Of course, you won't win much with this online roulette betting system, but you should at least be able to win some roulette spins by using the Cuban betting system.

Roulette2000 advice you to try this roulette betting system on free online roulette sites: you could come to like it.