Online Roulette Strategies

Online Roulette is a game in which the outcome is determined by a Random Number generator. So, as the numbers constantly change, it's a matter of pure luck the number on which the spinning ball stops.

In the past, some roulette players charted the roulette wheel, marking down the numbers that came up and noting if there was a statistical differential, to establish a predicatbility of the wheel (which was a mechanical one, so bound to have some flaws).
Playing online roulette, this method is obviously of no use. Not only because the internet roulette wheel is a virtual one (so not affected by any mechanical flaws), but also because the majority of online roulette sites automatically keep track of the numbers who won so far.

This doesn't mean, however, that you can't have a winning strategy when playing online roulette; and we'd like to point that online roulette isn't all about luck.
There are a lot of ways to increase your odd of winning at online roulette, if you plan a wining strategy in advance.

Here follow some strategy advices that should be followed when playing online roulette game:

Learn online roulette rules – learning the various kind of possible roulette bets is the first step of every winning strategy. You can't hope to win by only knowing one kind of online roulette bet (if you win by placing the same bet over and over again, you're very lucky!).

Determine your winning point and loss limit and stick to them – online roulette has a house edge, and that won't go away. You can use whatever roulette system you like, but you're not guaranteed to win, and in the long term you cannot overcome the house edge. So don't go on betting because you won all the bets so far and you think you're unbeatable; if you're ahead, get out of the roulette table.

Don't bother with miracolous software or cheating programs – they are said to expose online roulette flaws, but online roulette is not a mechanical one, so it doesn't have flaws. Really, don't bother yourself with the above programs.

Don't lose your cool after one loss, and stick to your plan – And don't play online roulette after you had a bad day: you should paly online roulette wiht a calm and cool head, to make rational decisions.

Play the French version of online roulette – the wheel only has one 0, so that gives the house an advantage of 2.70%, as opposed to the american, double-0 roulette, which has an house edge of 5.26%; so a good winning strategy would be playing the French online roulette.

Practice online roulette on free roulette sites – the majority of internet roulette sites let you play for free, to familiarize with the user interface, the betting protocol, the graphic and so on. To test your winning strategy, you should pile up some experience practicing on free online roulette sites.

Try to accompain an inside bet with an outside bet – it's true that if the number you bet on comes up you'll win big, but it's also true that that number won't come up so easily. So a good winning strategy could be to back up your inside roulette bet with an outside bet (such as black/red, odd/even and so on): this way you can come up a winner even if your number doesn't come up, or you can at least cut the losses by following this roulette strategy.