Roulette game curiosities

Roulette2000 provides here some known facts and curiosities about roulette game.
These are no groundbreaking news, but are interesting infos nonetheless, that can let you enjoy even more online roulette game.

Roulette is the 3rd most popular casino game: only slot machines and craps are more popular.

If you add up all the numers on the roulette wheel (or the roulette table layout), you'll have the numer 666; that's why rouletta game is also known as "the devil's game".

Roulette is the french word for "small wheel", referring to the roulette wheel.

The worst possible roulette bet is the five numbers bet, on the American roulette: by betting on the numbers 00, 0, 1, 2 and 3 the casino has an edge of 7.89%.

This is more of an advice than a curiosity about roulette game: there's no winning roulette strategy or betting system which will make you win money, so don't waste your time, or money, on it: as Albert Einsteins said: " the only way to beat roulette game, is to steal the money when the croupier isn't watching".

Regarding to the house edge, French roulette game has a house edge of 2.7%, sitting between the 3.5% of Let It Ride card game and the 2.3% of three-card poker.

French roulette offers better odds to the player than American roulette does. The reason is that American roulette has not only the '0' number, but the '00' number as well, giving the casino a greater house edge, but giving the same payout odds fo French roulette.

If you find the above curiosities about roulette game interesting, why not try online roulette game, by starting with free online roulette websites? This way, when you'll decide to bet real money on a roulette spin, you'll be familiar with the roulette table layout, the rules, the pays and odds of every roulette bet.