The Martingale Roulette Betting System

Amongst the various roulette systems, the Martingale is one of the oldest (it was already known in France, during the 18th century) Roulette betting systems. It's a very famous betting system, as it doesn't require any difficult math or statistic calculation. It focuses on even money bets, thus being a roulette betting system which is very good for beginners, who play online roulette for the first time.

To apply the Martingale betting system while playing online roulette, follow these steps:
1) Place yor bet (say 4$) on an even money bet (like black/red, odd/even or high/low); the important point here is to always repeat the same bet (e.g. always red, or always black and so on);
2) If you win, repeat step 1; if you lose, continue playing online roulette by going to the next step;
3) If you loose, repeat the same bet, but double the amount of money (e.g. if you placed a bet of 4$, next you have to raise your roulette bet to 8$). If you win, repeat step 1; if you loose, repeat step 3 (doubling your bet, which should next be 16$, and so on).

It's true, as many gambling sites states, that roulette systems do not beat the house edge; but the aim of online roulette betting systems is not to beat the house edge in the long run, is to make you win on the short run. In this, The Marytingale system is not different from other roulette betting systems. If you want to result a winner at online roulette, you should remember the following points:

• This roulette betting system requires a high bankroll, as if you lose several bets in a row, your bets will grow very high very fast (as you double your roulette bet after each loss).

• This is true for every betting system: you have to play online roulette for a short period of time: in the long time the house always win. Even if the Martingale betting system guarantees that you should be always ahead of the minimum bet amount (in the examples above, 4$), that is only true if you don't run out of money by doubling your roulette bet every time; even in that case, you have to consider that most online roulette sites have a maximum bet limit. So it's better to play for a short period of time; if you continue losing, it just isn't your lucky day.

• Always remember that the Martingale betting system will increase your odds of winning in the short run, but your wins will be small; on the other hand, if you lose, you lose big.

When playing a French online roulette game for 1 hour, the chance of winning (by applying the Martingale betting system) are around 84% with an average win (by starting with a bet of 4$) of 54$ and an average loss of 465$. This percentage may be different, if the online roulette site apply the "en prison" or "la partage" roulette rules.

In the end, the Martingale betting system increases your odds of winning at online roulette, but the wins will be small; on the other hand, if you lose, you'll lose big.

If you are interested in applying the Martingale system while playing online roulette, you should read what Roulette2000 says about these two variants of the Martingale System: the Anti–Martingale and the Grand Martingale systems.