French Roulette: the original Roulette game

French Roulette is often referred to as Single-0 roulette – as it only has one zero, as opposed to American roulette – or European Roulette, as most casinos in Europe have this kind of roulette.
It's the first type of roulette devised, and it's very famous mainly because it gives the casino a smaller edge, when compared to the American roulette (or double-0 roulette), as you can see in our page on online roulette odds & payouts.
In French roulette the payouts are higher and give the casino only a slight advantage over the player at the roulette table. So, if you're a newbie online rolette player, we suggest you play only ta singl-0 roulette tables (obviously, we suggest you learn online roulette rules, too).

The other reason French roulette is so famous, is because of some options it offers to the player, such as the En Prison option.
With the En Prison rule, a player who would have lost his/her money on an even money bet can declare that their money is "en prison" (in jail) instead of losing them.
If in the next spin the bet come in as you had originally selected, you receive your roulette bet back (without any winnings); if you lose again, you lose you roulette bet (which was kept "en prison").

This rules is very advantageous to the online roulette players, and you should play on those online casino that apply the En Prison rules when playing online roulette.